Sunday, 7 March 2010

Brand new Nintendo DSi for FREE!

Free Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo Dsi is probably the best hand held games console Nintendo have made yet! The Dsi comes in four different colours, black, white, blue and pink. So there is a colour for all tastes. The Dsi is the third of Nintendo's two screen hand held consoles.

It has many features including twin cameras and audio playback. But tbh this makes it more of a entertainment device rather than a handheld gaming console.

You can buy a brand new Nintendo DSi for around £150. But i'm not going to let you spend all your hard earned cash on one, when you can a Free DSi sent to your home!

If you sign up to FreebieJeebies, complete one free offer. (Choose the Lovefilm offer is FREE!) Then get 8 of your friends to do the same and FreebieJeebies will send you one of these nifty little consoles in the post for FREE!

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